Meth in the City

Alright, maybe the title’s a little misleading since, obviously, there’s meth all over Philadelphia. But a makeshift meth lab in a Center City hotel room? That takes some Gus-sized balls.

It appears said balls belong to 27-year-old Mathew Phillip Sinson, the alleged operator of a more-dangerous-than-it-sounds “shake-and-bake” lab in Center City. Sinson was arrested early Saturday morning when a smoke detector in his room at the Hampton Inn went off, forcing some 300 guests- including a number of out-of-town firefighters- to evacuate the building.

Police reportedly identified Sinson using security camera footage and later arrested him nearby at his home. All said and done, police confiscated some 1,000 grams of “ice” and other illegal drugs from Sinson’s hotel room. A possible second suspect is currently being investigated.

Apparently these shake-and-bake labs are becoming more popular with meth cooks, so you should probably speak up next time you smell something weird emanating from the hotel room next door. Seriously.

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