PSA: Patrick Duffy’s Man Mane Will Soon be Within Reach

No, we did not get paid to write this post; we just happened to notice that the indelible Patrick Duffy and his aged-to-perfection man mane will be in the area early next month.

The Duff will be appearing at Parx Casino (along side other assorted hunks) as part of the awkwardly titled event “The Guys of the Hit Show Dallas at Parx Casino.” Mr. Duffy, who won your heart in the hit ABC show Step-by-Step and the orignal Dallas program, will be announcing the winners of the annual Parx Casino Parkettes- which actually have nothing to do with parklets (as far as we know).

Fans who’ve wanted, nay, needed to witness the man, myth and legend trifecta should cancel all scheduled plans and get to Parx Casino on August 10th. Then head to the 360 Stage and wait 12 hours until 9 pm, when the Duffster will emerge as judge and jury for a contest you don’t really care about.

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