Justice for Bolaris: Alleged “Do-Shot-Gate” Ringleader Arrested

It’s been a tough few years for Johnny B. You may remember that in the summer of 2010, the former Fox 29 meteorologist was hoodwinked by two Eastern European con women while vacationing in Miami. After slipping him the mickey, the two women proceeded to rack up around $43,000 on Bolaris’ Amex card, all while urging him to “Do shot.”

Thus, the infamous Do-Shot-Gate was born and, sadly, things were never quite the same for John.

The resulting fallout was, perhaps, more financially devastating than the initial grift. After the story went public, Bolaris decided to discuss that fateful night with Playboy Magazine, stating, “I’m a guy. There was the thought I might get laid.” Turns out Fox 29 execs do not take kindly to this type of candidness, and Bolaris was swiftly “let go” from Fox.

But there is still hope for the weatherman. Last Thursday, FBI agents arrested Alec Simchuk, the alleged ringleader in the Miam scam that Bolaris- and others- fell victim to. Simchuk reportedly owns a local nightclub and has ties to the two female shysters who swindled Bolaris, among other super hot con women who purportedly frequent high-end night clubs in hopes of bilking unsuspecting spenders.

So, does this mean we’re on the cusp of a Bolaris Renaissance? Probably not. But Bolaris will finally get to confront his arch nemesis in court on October 9th. He’s since told reporters, “Life’s been hell for two years, and I can’t wait for justice to finally be served.”

We honestly wish the best you, B. Just remember: When you finally get your justice, be careful how you celebrate

Source: Philly Gossip

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