Water Main Break: Round 3

We hate to say we told you so, but it looks like all that talk late yesterday about Philly’s super ancient water pipes was really, really, really well-timed. Philly.com reports that we’ve now seen our third water main break in just 11 days, with this latest urban flash flood occurring in North Philly. According to John DiGiulio of the water department, a 48-inch water main appears to have burst under the street at Front and Tioga at around 7:45 am this morning.

Water service should resume later today, but this really has us concerned, guys. Honestly, if this happens a few more times, we’re going to invest in one of those totally awesome pontoon boats Kevin Costner used in Water World-… and also one of those machines that turns your piss into potable water. On second thought, we’re going to do that anyway.


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