Texting While Walking More Dangerous and Prevalent Than Once Thought

Its official: we cannot take a single step without looking down at our phones. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but recent research proves that our growing obsession with our cellphones is clearly spinning out of control.

Over 1,100 people were admitted to emergency rooms across America last year for texting and walking related injuries. What’s more, according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pedestrian deaths and injuries—presumably linked to cellphone use—have increased over the past few years.

Exhibit A: this Philadelphia man who casually stumbled off the train platform last year while talking on his cellphone (he was not seriously injured, we think).

City officials are so concerned about these dangerous cellphone-addicts that they are actually working towards creating legislation to limit people from texting while walking. Pretty soon, you may actually be fined for trying to send a text message while walking across Broad Street.

Although Philly has not passed any legislation yet, the issue seems to be on their radar. You may remember last year’s April Fool’s Day joke, when Philadelphia officials created an “e-lane” designated for distracted pedestrians. Sadly, some people didn’t get the joke and were genuinely mad when the lane was taken away the next day.

Source: CBS Philly

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Rachel Clarke

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