Watch: Zach Galifianakis Does the Weather on CBS 3

There’s nothing more awkward than watching a comedian’s contractually obligated performance on a local morning talk show. They’re always tired, uninterested and employing about one tenth of their comedic chops. That said, we still get giddy when a world famous comedian rolls through one of our local morning talk shows, which is exactly what Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell did this week on CBS 3 to promote their new film, “The Campaign.”

We give it three Ukee Washingtons out of a possible four, but  it seems at least one commenter does not agree with us: “TERRIBLE…Ferrell is funny about 20% of the time w/o a script and Zac’s days are pretty much numbered. Sadly, CBS3 news was formerly in Mike Douglas Show’s old studios (youtube it kids)… Man if Jerry Lewis, Sid Ceasar, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr or others from the REAL golden age of TV were doing local weather it woulda been hil-ar-ious, memorable and surprising to watch. This? Total crapfest.” (Sorry for the ad.)

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