Don’t Call it a Crackdown: Cops Chip Away at ATV Scourge

We’re now at the peak of our annual ATV hell and considering all the constant chatter about ending the plight, we haven’t seen much headway- until this weekend, that is. On Sunday morning, the PPD made two raids, one in North Philly and another in Kensington, confiscating a total of 23 ATVs and dirt bikes.

Not too shabby, guys. But, by our count, that number is a mere dent in this monstertruck of an issue that’s been plowing over city authorities like it was the actual Gravedigger. So, forgive us for finding Detective Jack Logan’s statement regarding the bust a bit of a stretch, “We went out to take back the streets for the citizens.”

Whoah, slow down, Columbo; you didn’t banish all of our criminals for eternity, you just confiscated what probably amounts to 1% of an ongoing threat to public safety. Also, let’s not take credit until we’re certain that the vehicles won’t be sold back to the same riders at a future PPA auction, because that’s the way this has gone down in the past.

We should note that, come this fall, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown will hold public hearings on this issue in hopes of revising the current regulations on ATV vehicles. So that should give them another year to realize that carefully placed fishing line is the only real and final solution.

Source: | Photos: Joseph Kaczmarek via Daily News, David Maialetti

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