New Jersey to Hand Out First Medical Marijuana ID Cards

It’s been almost two years since medical marijuana was first approved by the Garden State and now officials are finally allowing the public to register for medical marijuana ID cards. As we reported earlier, the first start-up dispensaries to sprout in New Jersey previously refused to start growing until a patient registry was compiled, as their crops might have gone to waste should that list of legal patients be delayed.

According to Reuters, New Jersey now has 150 doctors who are approved to prescribe medical marijuana, and, as of right now, there are six licensed non-profit dispensaries, though just one, The Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair, is ready to start selling come harvest time.

Despite New Jersey’s ostensible tolerance, medical marijuana dispensaries initially had a difficult time finding a home in the state, as many local councils and citizens expressed concerns over the possibility of increased drug use or a general laxness towards that Hydro.

Recently, Governor Chris Christie announced plans to veto an advancing bill that seeks to decriminalize marijuana throughout the entire state, citing similar concerns that the plant would wind up being used by children or eventually become completely legal throughout the state.

Just recently, LA City Council decided to ban all 763 medical marijuana facilities within their purview, which, by our count, officially makes New Jersey more progressive than Cali when it comes to the drug enforcement. Weird.

Source: Reuters

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