Art Museum Skate Park One Step Closer to Existing

Since Mayor Nutter and David Oh have decreed that skateboarding is, indeed, a crime (punishable by a $2,000 fine and up to 90 days in jail), most of Philly’s law-abiding skateboarders have been relegated to the rather perilous FDR skate park and other, decidedly less awesome places to grind into disrepair.

Thankfully, Paine’s Park, a proposed skate park slated to be built near the Art Museum, received approval from the city’s Art Commission in July, and preparations to construct the skater haven should be getting underway soon. The folks behind Paine’s Park are now asking for donations and, depending on how much spare scratch you have laying around, you could get your name on a brick, plaque or even a real-deal LOVE Park/Dilworth Plaza bench.

Yes, that’s right; the designers behind Paine’s Park plan to install the very same benches you previously destroyed; it’s a circle of life, really.

Click here to make a donation–┬áit’s the perfect way to show future generations that you were “down” with skateboarding when the rest of the city was not.

H/T: Curbed Philly

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