Staph Meal Blogger Pisses Off Every Single Cop in Philadelphia

Nothing like a little blog drama to kick off your Monday morning. It wasn’t too long ago when we covered the psychotic ramblings of one Joshua Scott Albert, the controversial Staph Meal blogger who called out just about every celebrity chef in Philadelphia for being racist, sexist or just plain mean towards employees.

After a flurry of threatened litigation, one banned Twitter account and a rather enlightening Philly Mag spread, the hype surrounding Staph Meal sort of petered out; Josh didn’t post as much, but, when he did, it was usually to take aim at various Philly scenesters and certain comedy groups.

Sometime earlier this summer, though, Josh started going after the Philadelphia Police Department. In one post, he feigns that local Police are taking part in something called “National Prove That It’s Bullet Proof Day.” In another, he actually announces what appears to be Commissioner Charles Ramsey’s home address. He later reached out to would-be cop killers, claiming that he will give them 97% of their reward money if they turned themselves in to him. Oh, and he also posted a photo of his wang.

It’s become painfully clear that Josh is looking for attention by any and all means. And yes, we realize this here post may help him to get his rocks off, but it’s also very possible that this is the final chapter in Staph Meal’s Philadelphia mythology. Here’s why.

We’re not sure when it was created, but Josh apparently thought it was funny or satirical to make a Facebook page entitled, “I Support Chancier McFarland & Rafael Jones”- which are the two suspects in the very recent murder of PPD officer Moses Walker Jr. As you can probably guess, the PPD and a whole slew of local civilians did not take kindly to this, so they created the “Remove The Cop Killers Support Page,” gaining some 15,000 followers in two days. The page posted photos of Josh, drawing all sort of negative reactions, including veiled threats. (“I support cutting off Josh Albert’s hands and tongue to silence this idiot.”)

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 President John McNesby- better known as the one guy in Philly you probably don’t want to fuck with- had this to say about Josh, “It’s disgusting,… He’s a little punk. He’s going to get his day.” Commisioner Ramsey also got in on the action, telling, “He’s a pitiful, insignificant individual.”

Josh’s Cop Killers Support page has since been removed and, in response to the negative attention, Josh has posted yet another penis pic. (We should note that Josh also made a “Kill Mitt Romney” Facebook page, catching the attention of the Secret Service as well.)

We’re pretty sure Josh is loving all of this, but given his recent efforts to parlay Staph Meal into New York city, we think that now might be the best time to pursue that move: We’re sure New York’s completely legal, non-mafia-affiliated restaurants will appreciate his refreshing critiques.

UPDATE, 9/10: According to, the District Attorney’s Office has charged Albert with three counts each of criminal solicitation to commit murder, terroristic threats and harassment for the aforementioned Facebook controversy.


Chris Lipczynski

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