Parkway Still a Mess after Made In America

Jay Z’s landmark music festival, and soon-to-be documentary film, brought the national spotlight to Philadelphia for Labor Day weekend. And now that the whole shebang is over, it’s time to clean up. Unfortunately for the clean-up crew, the festival ended just as Philly’s monsoon season began.

The workers responsible for disassembling the three stages and the Berlin Wall massive fence is doing just that, much to the dismay of the Parkway’s fields. The Parkway is now properly torn up, with most of the damage at Von Colin Memorial Field, where tractors, forklifts and other clean up equipment have destroyed the grounds, turning it into a muddy swamp reminiscent of Woodstock.

This isn’t coming as much of a surprise, though, considering we’ve gotten about three inches of rain since the festival. And there are already plans to revamp the Parkway’s green space with a $300,000 makeover set to begin this Fall and end in the Spring.

Luckily, the concert seems to have gone off without a hitch, which was a serious concern of event coordinators and city officials. Though there were some complaints from residents of the Art Museum area, there wasn’t a shooting  (remember the July 4th?) or anything else that would embarrass Philadelphia or outshine the festival itself.

So the Parkway is a mess for now, but considering our plans to restore it and the success of the concert, I think we can deal with a little mud for the time being- it’s better than blood.

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