Penn State Ponies Up $17 M in Legal Fees

After a disappointing loss in their season opener, Penn State is back in the news, announcing just how much it has spent on legal fees for the Sandusky case. The university’s report states that it has spent a total of $16.8 million in legal fees, not to mention the NCAA’s $60 million fine and plans for settlements with Sandusky’s victims.

About $10 million of that $17 million went to multiple internal investigations, including the Freeh Report, which found that former head coach Joe Paterno and other school officials covered up the accusations against Sandusky. Another $4 million went to University legal defense, and $1.6 million went to the defense of those three other University officials associated with the case.

As you probably know, Jerry Sandusky was convicted on multiple counts of child sex abuse, which rocked the Penn State community and their fabled football program. Now a convicted sex offender, Jerry Sandusky is currently awaiting sentencing in prison.

Source: CBS 3 | Photo: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

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TJ Creedon

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