Naked Woman Breaks into Bam Margera’s House… and Then Things Get Weird

Jackass star and West Chester native Bam Margera got an interesting wake-up call at his home last week. TMZ reports that a scantily clad woman managed to sneak into Bam’s room and give him kiss on the lips.

Ok, that’s not crazy enough to warrant Bam Margera news, so, of course, there’s more chaos to report.

After promptly escaping the grasp of his crazed femme-stalker, Margera quickly called the police. Annnnd that’s when said femme-stalker began masturbating on his floor. Margera was able to throw the woman out of his house eventually- without any clothes- and the police reportedly picked her up in the fields by his home.

The woman is now facing numerous charges, including burglary, stalking and criminal trespassing charges. Just another day in the life of Bam…

Source/photos: Philly Gossip, TMZ

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