South Philly Entrepreneur Creates Nifty Bike Safety App

“Let’s face it, getting hit by cars is the pits,” says South Philadelphia entrepreneur Bryce Beamer in a Kickstarter video for his product, the “Monocle.”

The belt attachment/iPhone app aims to turn your phone into a bike reflector for late night rides when another option isn’t available.

KMD Studios and Beamer created the product, which attaches to a belt and uses the iPhone’s flash capability to alert car drivers and increase nighttime visibility, after he was in a serious bike accident a few years ago.

With the Kickstarter campaign, the company was looking to raise at least $8000, and they promised extra colors and other upgrades with more money raised. Unfortunately, according to NewsWorks, the campaign fell short of expectations.

Failing to collect even $2000, it is uncertain whether Monocle will be able to be widely produced for retail.

This is the first product for which KMD Studios has used Kickstarter to fundraise, though the campaign was not a complete failure, as the four-person company got some valuable market research for the app.

The decision to scrap the whole idea or look for new investors will take time to make, so, for now, you bikers will just have to try to avoid getting hit by a car the old fashioned way.

Source: NewsWorks

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