Rizzo Statue Gets Sexy New Outfit

Local yarn bomber Ishknits outfitted a statue of former Philadelphia mayor Frank Rizzo with a bright pink bra and panties.

The statue, located at 15th and JKF Blvd, was adorned with the lingerie only for a few minutes, actually three, to be exact. Streets Dept’s Conrad Benner got a chance to snap some pictures before building security came outside to cut down the knitted unmentionables.

This isn’t the first time Rizzo’s legacy has been sullied by street “vandals.” In July, someone painted the word “fascista” over a Rizzo mural at 9th and Montrose.

Jessie Hemmons, the knitting mastermind behind Ishknits, is most famous for her yarnbombs of the Market-Frankfort El and the Rocky Statue, and she even had an installation in City Hall earlier this year, Yarnbombing 101.

We’re not really sure how the city feels about all this, but one passerby, as Benner described, gets our award for the understatement of the decade, ““Well, I don’t think Frank would’ve liked that!”

Source and photos: Streets Dept

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