City Council Actually “Cracks Down” on Rogue ATV-Riders

We were wrong: All that talk about “cracking down” on pestilent ATV swarms was not utter bullshit. City Council has just passed a bill that will raise the fine for illegal ATV riding to $2,000.

Riders who continue to pop a wheelie over innocent children could now have their vehicles seized, which is a good thing- assuming police can actually apprehend them without decapitating any bystanders and the PPA doesn’t auction those same vehicles back to public.

The re-selling of ATVs by the PPA only served to perpetuate the problem, and, thankfully, Councilwoman Reynolds Brown’s bill sort of addresses the gaping oversight in enforcement. According to the bill, “If forfeiture is awarded, the Police Department shall dispose of the vehicle in an appropriate manner, which may include destruction of the vehicle or such other manner of disposition that, in the judgment of the Department, reduces, to the greatest extent practicable, the opportunities for the vehicle to be used in any manner that violates the provisions of this Section or the Vehicle Code.”

Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown introduced the bill last month, and in her effort to not piss off a now-seriously-pissed-off group of ATV enthusiasts, she plans to take a trip all the way to Egg Harbor, New Jersey, where she will tour an ATV facility and attempt to ride one (check back for that presumably hilarious YouTube video.)

In speaking on the bill’s passing, CBRB stated, “We now need to do what we said we would do and that is convene a task force to bring in ATV riders, the parks department to figure out how we can find appropriate space for this emerging sport.”

Those well-versed in political jargon know that a “task force” is really just a nice way of saying “fuck off,” so don’t expect anything more than an dirt field for donuts.

Source:, NewsWorksPhotos via David Maialetti /Staff Photographer

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