The Most Dangerous Coffee Shop in Philadelphia

OCF Coffee Shop is a danger to Philadelphia. At least, that’s what Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze wants you to believe. As Philadeliquency reports, Theresa McCormick and rest of the Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze have filed a lawsuit against the Philadelphia Zoning Board in regards to Point Breeze’s first coffee shop, the OCF Coffee House.

Yes, this yet another obstacle for Ori Feibush, the Point Breeze developer who was recently reprimanded for beautifying the lot behind this very same coffee shop.

Though the building was not originally zoned for the 30-seat restaurant, Feibush got permission from the board to go ahead with the project. McCormick has since filed an appeal, claiming that the coffee shop is not safe, because an influx of patrons will park on the street, blocking emergency vehicles and endangering lives.

You can read the entire lawsuit over at Philadeliquency (along with Christopher Sawyer’s colorful commentary), but the basic gist can be found in section 9a:

Off street parking is extremely limited in the Emergency Response Area. OCF café which is located at intersection of Point Breeze & Federal in the directed path of the Emergency Response Vehicles must travel to answer a call. The area is also 90% residential along with Mom Pop businesses, Lincoln Post (private club that opens añer 5p.m. since the sixties). During the day you have other police professionals who Work out of the l7th police district for Fire Department, Rescue Unit, 3 shifts of Police Officers, (many drive to work), Warrant units, nuisance court, marshals, child support and domestic courts professionals and Police community meetings in the evenings. Not to mention, the police transporting suspects, victims, distressed residents, to and from the 17th Police District throughout the day.

Yes, the group is concerned that there will be a mass exodus of surrounding neighbors commuting all the way to Point Breeze… to buy coffee.

If you’re wont to believe Concerned Citizens of Point Breeze, the intersection of Point Breeze and Federal is the one of the most insane intersections in Philadelphia, and the OCF Coffee House is just adding to the mayhem.

As Sawyer notes on his own site, McCormick will likely not win this appeal, but she has managed to give OCF Coffee some rather valuable media attention.

Source: Philadeliquency | Photos via Naked Philly

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