“The Situation” Sues Protein-Infused Vodka Brand, Renews Faith in All Stereotypes

Just before his TV show is slated to end forever, “The Situation” has become involved in a lawsuit that can only be described as “Onion-esque.”

The protein-infused reality TV star apparently signed an endorsement deal with Devotion Spirits, a company that sells protein-infused vodka, because… well, why not?

Side note: If you’re wondering how exactly protein improves vodka, please don’t ask us. Online, Devotion Sprits claims that, “after years of study, Devotion realized that today’s vodkas were missing a vital ingredient: excellent mouthfeel.” (?!)

As part of his deal, “The Situation,” who already owns 8% of the company, was supposed to take on another 2% after Devotion Spirits’ one-year anniversary. But according to TMZ, that part of the contract was not fulfilled, so “The Situation” has filed a lawsuit, which could net him $5 million… and our award for most stereotypical person in the history of human beings.

Source, photos: TMZ

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