Local Blogs Presumed Dead: Make Major Moves, Phrequency

If you’ll allow us to indulge in a little inside blog-ball for a moment, what the hell happened to Phrequency and Make Major Moves?

Are they dead, defunct, just in repose?

When I started blogging for AP about two years ago, Phrequency was my go-to site for all things scenester; a world I was not thoroughly attuned to yet. Though its mainly hosted photos of Philly’s hipster elite, Phrequency often posted useful weekend event listings, interviews and music reviews. Then, about a year ago, the writing started to slide into some, frankly, half-assed posts that made it seem like they were an unofficial arm of the Urban Outfitters marketing department. Their last post was a weekend roundup article from November 13th, as far as I can tell.

I do see two test posts in my ever-revealing Google Reader (hint: this is a great way to see content we bloggers delete; also, it’s a great way to see the typos I somehow always miss before hitting the post button.) It could be that Phrequency is going through some growing pains, considering its parent site Philly.com just re-designed from the cluster fuck it once was.

Then there’s Make Major Moves, Philadelphia Weekly’s music blog. This site had some the most entertaining live music coverage I’ve ever read, and I’m honestly pissed that it may be gone (especially without a word of notice). MMM’s “Ten Things We Saw, Hear and Learned At…” column somehow breathed new life into the well-worn world of cynical live concert coverage- and that shit was funny, yo. MMM’s last post is from over a month ago, and unless I’m flat out missing their new url or an announcement indicating a hiatus, I’m assuming MMM is dead.

So, if I had my own morning news show segment called “Hey, What Gives?” this would be the part where I’d ask, “Hey, What Gives?”

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