New Jersey Officially Outlaws “Spice”

Hilariously referred to as “Spice,” “K2,” “Moon Rocks,” or “Black Mamba,” the substance widely known as “legal weed” will now be illegal in New Jersey.

In February,¬†The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs placed a “temporary ban” on the synthetic drug, which is commonly sold along side of crappy air-brushed t-shirts and “tobacco” paraphernalia in various stores of ill repute across the state. Now, after an announcement from¬†Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa, proprietors caught selling the substance can face up to a $25,000 fine and three to five years in prison.

Last year, New Jersey’s poison control center reported a 700% increase in problems stemming from the spice compared to 2010. Evidence also suggests that the effects of spice are much more intense when compared to natural marijuana, and its increased use– along with a rise in the popularity of bath salts– has been attributed to more than a few murders.

Only four states have approved a ban on spice, a number that may be kept low considering manufacturers have been known to chemically tweak the active ingredient once initial strains are deemed illegal.

If you’ve been keeping up with New Jersey’s drug news, you already know that the state somewhat reluctantly approved the use of medical marijuana for prescribed patients who are also registered with the state. As of today, only four doctors have signed onto the program.

Source: NBC 10,, Wiki

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