Councilman Squilla Seeks to End “Civil War” Over Permit Parking

Depending on whom you ask, permit parking in Philadelphia can either be a beacon of hope in a cold world that abandoned you years ago, or it can be the bane of your shitty existence.

Whatever side of the Mason-Dixon Line you fall on, Councilman Mark Squilla wants you to sheath your orange cone space-saver and come to terms on new stipulations for permit parking in the city.

The current law of the land dictates that 51 percent of block residents must support the initiative for permit parking before being implemented. But, if you ask Squilla, “A lot of streets barely get the 51 percent, and then you have the other residents filing a petition to remove [the permits].”

So, in the interest of fairness, Squilla has proposed a bill that would first require support from 70 percent of residents in order to ratify permit parking.

The PPA has refuted Squilla’s claims that we’re all clamoring to get rid of permit parking, but–if you’ll excuse us for being cynical–they are the one party that stands to lose the most from a potential decrease in permit parking across Philadelphia.

Hopefully Squilla knows that he’s dipping his toe into a lose-lose situation; everyone has a different opinion on permit parking, and one’s stance pretty much comes down to whether or not one actually possesses the almighty sticker.

Full disclosure: I do not have a parking permit. I would, however, like to see some sort of impossible-to-enforce regulation that says YOU CAN”T PARK YOUR BEAT-TO-SHIT BUICK FOR ALL ETERNITY REGARDLESS OF YOUR DAMNED PERMIT.

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