Can We At Least Agree on a King of Jeans Mural?

Developer Max Glass will soon usurp the King of Jeans throne to build a mixed-use apartment complex, which, for some strange reason, cannot feature the 30 square feet of pure hunkiness that currently adorns its facade.

As we inch closer to the end, it’s become apparent that saving this beast from certain destruction is going to be a tricky task. Depsite what seems to be widespread support for its preservation, a new home has not been secured, and neither has a means to transport the thing. And, oh yeah, someone will have to fund all of this (how much does it cost to rent a crane?).

At the behest of Max Glass himself, the Passyunk Post is fielding suggestions for how to preserve the King of Jeans sign. The person who submits the winning entry will receive this rather fabulous antique lamp that once sat in the actual King of Jeans store.

Of the few suggestions so far, I think my favorite would be to somehow erect it over Isabella’s Pizza down the street (maybe attach it to a metal frame a la the Divine Lorraine sign?). One user suggested that we “Break it into tiny little pieces and make a Passyunk Ave Indian mosiac,” which would be an economical way to save the sign, albeit, a destructive one.

I actually reached out to Albert Stumm, editor at the Passyunk Post, to give him my own idea: a King of Jeans mural. Though I’ve offered to help in whatever way I can to get the physical sign preserved, something tells me that installing it somewhere nearby will prove to be a herculean feat. The sign would, in my opinion, have to remain in the surrounding neighborhood–and, naturally, not completely mess with someone’s view or structural integrity.

We could start a Kickstarter–which would actually be one of the few worthy Kickstarters– but to do that, we’d need some sort of concrete backup plan in the event that we can’t find a building to hold it.

So, while we’re still on the hunt for a new home, I’d like to suggest we at least keep the idea of a King of Jeans mural in our back pocket.

I mean, you could probably swing a cat and find someone willing to immortalize this masterpiece, and a mural would be a hell of a lot easier to pull off than physically reinstalling a behemoth of a structure.

Be sure to make your own suggestion over at the Passyunk Post, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any new developments.

Photo: NewsWorks

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