Inky and DN to Get Paywalls, to Pick Up the Fluff

We knew something was up. After finally scrapping the ugly labyrinth of nothingness that was the old, the parent company of the Inky and the DN, Interstate General Media, has announced that both papers will get their own respective websites and paywalls starting sometime in the beginning of 2013.’s VP and GM Steve Alessi recently made the announcement through a spokesman, stating that “…having an destination would be fully embraced.”

The decision comes after a rather periling few years for the papers, which found them filing for bankruptcy, taking on new ownership and relocating from their iconic building on North Broad Street. (That building may eventually morph into a gaudy casino, compliments of Bart Blatstein, aka the real-life Lex Luther.)

But aside from these primarily financial obstacles, there’s been a growing distaste for the paper among readers who find’s constant coverage of conventional fluff to be utterly nauseating.

Just last month, co-editor of the Hidden City Daily, Nathaniel Popkin, wrote a robust condemnation of the current, summing up what many avid-news readers already knew: that the homepage is no longer a source for hard-hitting news.

As Popkin aptly put it, “There is almost no real news being presented on the homepage. Instead: relentless gossip, sex, sports gossip (not sports), shopping, and worse, an embrace of fake news (e.g., ‘Bynum merchandise not moving off the shelves,’ ‘Family learns of daughter’s death on Facebook’). Switch back to from and catapult to a different universe. Philly and New York aren’t that different, are they?”

That last line should help to put it into perspective. As someone who’s charged with reporting the news daily, I constantly find myself directed to the LA Times, the Boston Globe or The New York Times for breaking news both national and abroad–but I almost never get directed to a national story featured on

It might be hard to verify, but I’m going to guess that the powers that be have been getting this critique for a while, and Popkin’s harangue may have just been the straw that broke the paper’s back…. ok, those shitty Archos Arnova 10 tablets probably didn’t help either.

Source: Net News Check

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