Barbara Walters to Chris Christie: “You Are a Little Overweight…”

Let this video serve as evidence: Barbara Walters’ humongous balls have not withered with age. Walters recently interviewed the no-nonsense New Jersey governor on her “Most Fascinating People” special for the admirable bipartisanship he displayed after Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast just before the presidential election.

Of course, the topic of 2016 was broached, and that’s when Lady Walters brought up Christie’s noticeable BMI issues, which would make him fattest leader of the free world since President Howard Taft.

Though Christie hasn’t made an official announcement just yet, many have speculated that (barring another boardwalk freakout) the governor will run for president in 2016.

Walters: There are people who say that you couldn’t be president because you’re so heavy. What do you say to that?

Christie: That’s ridiculous, I mean, that’s ridiculous. I mean I don’t know what the basis for that is.

Walters: I think they’re worried about your health.

Christie: Well, I’ve done this job pretty well and I think people watched me for the last couple weeks and during Hurricane Sandy doing 18-hour days and getting right back up the next day and still being just as effective so I don’t really think that would be a problem.

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