Philly Cops Decide to go HAM, Purchase Dirt Bikes

The PPD recently added some new technology that will make their arsenal decidedly more bad ass for 2013. Yes, instead of opting to purchase thoroughly lame, non-threatening Segways (those things probably encourage criminal activity, if anything), the force has chosen to add two new dirt bikes which will roam the mean streets of Kensington, Port Richmond and Juniata Park. reports that the PPD raised $14,000 from local businesses and community groups in order to purchase two new Suzuki hogs. After only two nights on patrol, the bikes have made two arrests for gun and drug charges (the officers presumably helped out too.)

The new dirt bikes will allow officers to pursue suspects through parks and other hard-to-navigate areas (they can also ramp off of parked cars to apprehend suspects in the most badass way imaginable.)

Unfortunately, it remains to be seen if the vehicles will be used to contain the annual summer scourge of reckless ATV riders, who, due to our sporadically enforced “do-not-pursue-policy,” have  terrorized the entire city for years.

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