Organizers of Philly Bike Race Still Owe $321,000 to City

The folks behind the Philadelphia International Cycling Championship race seem to be having a tough time making good on last year’s tab. After delivering a surprise announcement that this year’s race was cancelled, news comes today that the organizers of the event still owe the city mucho dinero– and by “mucho dinero” we mean $321,000 for services the city supplied to the race, such as police and sanitation.

To date, the organization has only given the city $25,000,  about 13% of the total bill by our measure.

David Chauner, the creator of the event, claimed the organization’s attorney sent a letter letter about a possible payment plan to rectify the situation, but the city apparently never got back to them. Mark McDonald,  spokesman for the mayor, responded, saying the city did meet with the group last year and had no intention on postponing this year’s race.

The race never seemed to have a problem finding funding in the past; sponsors were paying roughly $1.5 million in support.  However, with big wig companies like TD Bank pulling out of their endorsement deal, the event owners seem to be having difficulty coming up with the necessary funds. Compounding the problem is the fact the the city is charging more money than ever for services, which is mostly due to pay raises for police.

According to, U.S. Rep. Bob Brady will meet with organizers this Friday to try and work out a deal that would save this year’s race. We will keep you posted.

Source: Philly.comPhotos: R. Kennedy via GPTMC

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