Rob Zombie Meets with Flyers in Preparation for Broad Street Bullies Movie

There have been plenty of great hockey movies throughout the years, and now director Rob Zombie is hoping to add another notch to that list with a movie about the Flyers.

Rob Zombie attended a Flyers game earlier this week to do some PR research for his upcoming film on the Broad Street Bullies. Zombie said the script was almost finished and that shooting should begin sometime in the fall. No actors have been cast yet.

He went on to say that the infamous Flyers lineup will make for “the greatest sports story ever not told,” adding that the movie won’t just be for hockey fans.

The Flyers of the early 1970s were known for their remarkably aggressive style of play, which earned them the name “Broad Street Bullies” and won them the Stanley Cup in 1974 and 1975. A 2010 documentary by HBO Sports entitled “Broad Street Bullies” (required viewing for even the most casual of Flyers fan) provides a detail account of the team’s legendary antics.

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