Councilman Wants to Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Employers

Your regretful Facebook activity might not affect your career after all, that is, if local Councilman Bill Greenlee gets his way. Councilman Greenlee recently rolled out a new bill that would prohibit employers from requesting passwords to your social accounts.

Greenlee stated his aim was for the “protection of privacy,” and that so far there has been no way to ban employers from discriminating against employees based on the content of their profile. Although employers can still view your social media accounts (assuming you haven’t already made them private or used your middle name as your last), Greenlee seems to be anticipating a recent move by employers to, under grounds of protecting privileged company information, gain access to employees’ social media accounts.

While talking to reporters, Greenlee stated, “We think it’s a protection of privacy of an individual because there could be things on that site that are the person’s own business like their religion, religious beliefs on issues, their sexual orientation, whatever that really their employer or prospective employer really doesn’t need to know.

Six other states–California, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan and New Jersey–have already enacted legislation prohibiting employers from demanding passwords from employees.

Source: NewsWorks, NCSL | Photo: NewsWorks File

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