Internet Gambling Finalized in New Jersey

If you want to gamble in New Jersey, you may never have to leave your computer again! Yesterday, Gov. Chris Christie approved legislation that will allow for Internet gambling within the state.

The player would simply register online, verify their age and then have access to any slot or table game in any casino (assuming a GPS location device confirms they are logging on from within the state of New Jersey). The games are not limited to computers either and can also be accessed through iPhones, iPads and other handheld devices.

The state will get a sizable cut of tax revenue brought in by online-gaming, and the new measure may just prevent some casinos from closing their doors for good, including the ailing Atlantic Club Casino Hotel, which has reportedly been purchased by an online gaming company.

Of course, some people aren’t too keen on idea of Internet gambling though, as some critics believe that increased access to gaming will cause even more gambling addictions. Bill Thompson, a professor at the University of Nevada, said that New Jersey could also lose money in the long run, because outside groups that own the casinos would take their money to other places. “All of the players are in New Jersey. Some of them lose money. Some of it leaves the state of New Jersey.”

Source: | Photo Rich Schultz via SFGate

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