Chipocrite Abides, Releases New 8-Bit EP Featuring Songs from “The Big Lebowski”

It’s been a while since we last heard from our favorite local 8-Bit-ster, Chipocrite. Since then, the consummate Game Boy musician has relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia, but he recently checked in with us to tell us about his newest EP, which, consequently, gave us a major pleasure overload, man.

The EP, entitled “8-Bit Lebowski: 100% Electronic,” features six tunes from what is hopefully one of your favorite films, “The Big Lebowski.” Chipocrite actually performed these songs a few years ago at Lebowski Fest Philadelphia, but he’s now decided to make them available to the public– and you should, nay, need to abide by checking them out.

Here’s the dude himself talking about the project:

“’8-Bit Lebowski: 100% Electronic’ is a tribute to several seemingly unrelated entities that are, individually, quite important to me: chip music, one of the greatest films of all time, White Russians, flamenco re-arrangements of classic rock tunes, fake pornos, Kenny Rogers, and so much more. Although I originally performed these songs as a one-off live set at Lebowski Fest Philadelphia 2011, I quickly realized that taken as a whole, they actually make up quite a comprehensive little release. I feel like it really ties my discography together.

So, in honor of the movie’s 15th anniversary (the very date of this EP’s release!), here you have it, to listen at your own leisure, whether through your car’s tape deck (provided it’s not stolen), with your significant other (provided she’s not kidnapped) or during a chilled-out rug meditation session (provided the rug, also, is not stolen). Best of all, it’s not, ugh, techno-pop.

Entirely arranged for one Game Boy running LSDJ, ’8-Bit Lebowski’ is dedicated to all the Achievers out there who have faith that the bums DON’T always lose. Please, enjoy it, down through the generations, westward the wagons, across the sands of time until we — aw, look at me, I’m rambling again. I hope you abide.”

Head over to Chipocrite’s Band Camp page to have a listen and feel free to download the album for only five clams.

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