Watch: Mayor Nutter Bashes Philly Mag’s “Being White” Article

In case you actively avoid local magazine gossip (we wouldn’t blame you), Philly Mag recently stepped in it big time with their cover story “Being White in Philadelphia.” The cringe-worthy piece basically gave a one-sided opinion of race relations in Philadelphia using anonymous quotes from white people with crude and stereotypical opinions of blacks in Philadelphia–it was more akin to something a pseudo-intellectual, politically conservative ROTC member from Pennsyltucky might concoct during his Freshmen year at Temple.

The article, written by Robert Huber, elicited a number of responses from the local media, some even from Huber’s own colleagues (though, our favorite was Jeff Deeney’s on Phawker, which you must read.)

But now that Philly Mag has gotten its requisite pageviews, Mayor Nutter has decided to weigh in on what is arguably the most transparent indication of Philly Mag’s main line spin. His remarks were made recently at the 100 Black Women Inc. Pennsylvania Chapter’s 24th Annual Madam CJ Walker Awards, and they are worth checking out.

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