PA Police Find Ban on Texting While Driving Hard to Enforce

Many of us have been guilty of texting while driving at some point in our lives. (Even bus drivers are guilty of it.) But despite PA’s new ban on texting while behind the wheel, the number of citations given out by police is not as staggering as you might think.

Pennsylvania has had the ban in place for one year now, and the number of tickets handed out was only 1,302, which doesn’t seem like a lot. Is this because the ban is pretty difficult to enforce?

Police seem to think so, mostly because they can’t just take a person’s phone away to see if they were texting. Police also say talking on the phone and checking the time while driving are not included in this ban, so that’s likely contributed to these low numbers.

PennDOT’s Jan McKnight thinks it’s more a matter of people knowing not to text while driving. “Hopefully it will make people aware that they’re breaking the law when they do it, and that they could be pulled over for it.”

Source: CBS3

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