Philly’s Sugary Drinks are Safe… For Now

You can continue enjoying your regular Big Gulp-induced sugar overdose, because it’s not going anywhere. This is according to Mayor Michael Nutter, who doesn’t plan on banning sugary drinks in Philadelphia anytime soon.

However, Mayor Nutter did say he will be watching New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s soda war with interest. Bloomberg has been fighting a losing battle against the court system to ban the sale of large sugary drinks found in restaurants and supermarkets.

Mayor Nutter said he won’t impose a soda tax anytime in the near future, but he acknowledges the link between sugary drinks and obesity. “In many instances, obesity is literally killing people and damaging the quality of their life. So we’ll watch it with great interest. I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

Mayor Nutter tried twice in the past to impose a tax on sodas but it was subsequently shot down.

Source: CBS 3

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