SEPTA to Jack Up Fares this Summer

Sure, you may not have to search far and wide for tokens once SEPTA implements its $200 million New Payment Technology (NPT), but you will, unfortunately, have to pay more starting July 1st. According to, this would mark the first fare increase for SEPTA in three years (assuming the SEPTA board approves). Here’s the damage, folks:

-Cash fares for the bus, trolley and subway would skyrocket from $2 to $2.25 starting July 1st of this year. Once the NPT system is in place (sometime around July 2014), cash fares would again rise to $2.50.

-Weekly passes for the subway and bus systems would increase from $22 to $24.50.

-A monthly transit pass would rise from $83 to $92.

-While they’re still in circulation, the price of tokens would jump to $1.80 from $1.55.

As we reported earlier, NPT will also bring some much-needed vending machines to all (yes, all!) subway stations, which means your friendly SEPTA worker behind the glass will instantly transform into a “customer attendant” in order to help all of us navigate these new fangled vending machines.

Oh, and they’ll also be some zone changes, but we’re not going to cover that because (yawn).

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