Theater Exile Will Bring Frank Rizzo to the Stage

A few of you may remember the “good old days” when Mayor Frank Rizzo ran this city with an iron fist. But those who are less familiar with the controversial Philly icon may be able to get a crash course soon.

On March 22nd, Philadelphia’s Theater Exile brokered a deal to bring the biography of Frank Rizzo to life. Joe Canuso, artistic director of Theater Exile, stated the plan had just begun and that there’s still a lot of work to do. “We need to do a lot of research and development, decide whether it would be a one-man show, or how many actors, what the framework would be.”

The play will be based on Sal Paolantonio’s book, Rizzo: The Last Big Man in Big City America and the author says he’s excited to see his book become a play. “I’m obviously thrilled,” Paolantonio said. “With the right script it could be a magnificent production. There aren’t many indigenous dramatic productions about Philadelphia.”

Paolantonio also commented that, because of Rizzo’s enormousness size, the actor will have to be a big guy. Right now is conducting a poll to see who should play Frank Rizzo. So far, James Gandolfini is in the lead, while our personal favorite, Dennis Franz, is holding steady at an abysmal three percent.

Source: | AP Photo / Bill Achatz

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