Police Captain Wants to Stop Bro Busing in Old City

In a futile attempt to salvage Old City’s reputation as the most violent hotspot in Philadelphia, 6th Police District Capt. Brian Korn is urging neighborhood bars to stop busing in bros by the dozen.

Yes, this is real; Capt. Korn actually emailed Graham Copeland, executive director of Old City’s Special Service District, suggesting he somehow curb bro busing, since it  “…lends itself to an ‘Animal House’ atmosphere.” He goes on to say (quite hilariously we might add) that the “honky-tonk fraternity atmosphere” is undermining the neighborhood’s growth.

Copeland apparently agrees with Capt. Korn, saying, “We agree with the captain’s assessment that this should not be encouraged. We are doing everything we can to work with bars and restaurants to address the issue in a collaborative way.”

Capt. Korn’s main complaint is that bars have “actively promoted” the party bus scene, which has lead to a high number of unsavory incidents involving blazer-wearing douche bags with raging inferiority complexes.

We certainly appreciate the effort here, but, frankly, this is too little too late; the bros officially claimed Old City as their hunting grounds years ago, forcing the rest of us to seek shelter in outlying areas. And unfortunately, no real progress can be made until we ban any and all cars with New Jersey license plates from 2nd Street.

Source: Philly.com

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