City Council President Proposes Ads on City Hall… Again

Back in December of 2011 we wrote about City Council President Darrell Clarke wanting to put advertisements on city buildings in order to boost revenue. Nearly two years later, Clarke  is still holding on to the controversial idea.

Later this week, Philadelphia City Council will hold a hearing to discuss the plan, which would place paid ads on city-owned properties throughout the city. To oversee the inevitable debacle over the appropriateness/placing of the ads, Council President Clarke has even suggested creating a “Revenue Czar.” “We should have somebody responsible for implementing these various proposals. They make all of the sense in the world,” said Clarke. Clarke also cited a similar measure in New York, which reportedly raises some $100 million for local government.

This isn’t the first time Philly had a wretched idea to slap company logos all over the place. If you recall, in 2010 the Pattison Avenue station was renamed the AT&T Station. But we’re going to defer our criticism at this point, considering our schools are crumbling before our eyes.

Source: CBS3

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