Philly Surveillance Cameras Still Not Really Surveilling Anything

About a year ago City Controller Alan Butkovitz released a highly critical report of Philly’s surveillance camera program. It turned out that just about 100 of the over 200 cameras were actually working–and Butkovitz voiced that that money should have been used to hire walking, talking police officers.

Now a year later, it seems nothing has changed. In fact, if you’re wont to believe Butkovitz, the problem has only gotten worse. According to a recent audit conducted by Butkovitz, nearly two-thirds of our 200 cameras are straight-up busted. Butkovitz described the system, which cost the city $17 million, as “worse than useless,” though Mayor Nutter maintains that his findings are wrong. According to the Nutter administration, 85% of the surveillance cameras are working.

So, there you have it; not only you can pinpoint the location of of every security camera throughout the city, you can also be pretty sure that a majority of them probably aren’t working.

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Chris Lipczynski

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