The New Drink: The John Daly

There’s a new golf-inspired cocktail available out there and it’s steadily getting both seasoned alcoholics and quaint housewives wasted. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s called the John Daly. A new twist on the already famous Arnold Palmer beverage, the John Daly adds a shot of Firefly sweet tea vodka to the iced-tea-and-lemonade mix. Judging by its namesake, this drink must have ruined more than just a golf game or two.

Appropriately named after the gambling addict and alcoholic golfer, the John Daly takes you places that the Arnold Palmer cannot. Whether you’re out for a long night of drinking or just trying to make it through a Sunday game of golf, the John Daly has the perfect blend of bite and sophistication to take that edge off. Lost you wife and kids? Have a John Daly. Gambled away your entire life savings in A.C.? Have a John Daly. That the drink suits both the depraved loser and mild-mannered golfer shows that the drink may have the similar staying power of its predecessor, the Arnold Palmer.

To find out more about this new cocktail’s local reception, I tracked down Mark Otto of the Torresdale/Frankfurt Country Club. Mark introduced the John Daly to his repertoire only two weeks ago and already has had some interesting experiences with the drink. “Well, it banged me up pretty fast," explains Otto. "Our customers may think it’s a little too good if you know what I mean.” Apparently the splendid mix of lemonade and iced tea nicely covers up the vodka, leaving drinkers with a dangerously false sense of security. “I’d recommend drinking the John Daly next to your bed. It’s a very good drink, a very scary, good drink.” What a surprise, that’s exactly how John Daly drinks them.

Crossing cultural barriers with the grace and poise of, well, John Daly, the John Daly can be found at The Standard Tap, Johnny Brenda’s, The Pyramid Club or Torresdale/Frankfurt Country Club. But be aware that your local watering hole’s bartender may not know what the hell you’re talking about when you order one. As Mark puts it: “other places know about it and are serving it, but not all of them are promoting it. I think it’s more of a seasonal drink for golf season or warmer climates.” Those of who with lazier bartenders should check out the video below to learn how to make one yourself.


The John Daly from The Scotch n Sirloin

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