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Behold the new commercial for An Aroundphilly and Center City Comedy collaboration, the short parody was directed by H. Foley and written by H. Foley, Chris Lipczynski, Chris Cotton and Kevin Ryan. Cinematography provided by Sterling Walker of Sterling Walker Productions. Original music by Chris Lipczynski.

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  • Dr Mdrake

    I wish I could dance like that.


  • Jen Miller

    Wow. Making fun of Jersey. How creative. Good luck surviving without the money we bring into your city. P.S. I don’t see you making fun of NJ when your clog our bridges and roads to the shore. 

  • Chris Flip

    In our defense, it does smell worse once you’re stopped.

  • Rational

    “your clog”? 

    You clog our bridges and roads coming into the city for work everyday and the Phillies every weekend; let’s all share the roads for the sake of the GDP. 

    And we will continue to make fun of NJ. Why? Not because it’s accurate. Not because we care to build our lives about defending a state (or writing a book on it). But because that’s what you do with NJ; because it’s a funny joke. Like those boring Canadians and their hockey.

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