Watch: How Not to Party

Phrequency recently posted this video that we just can’t resist sharing with you. Apparently, some shmohawk at the Mad Decent after party at The Barbary thought it’d be cool to TOTALLY RUIN EVERYONE’S TIME by flipping over a table- a table that conveniently held all of Diplo and Low Budget’s equipment.

The Twitvid was originally posted by Chris Sandstorm and Phrequency stated that the bold move was the man’s retaliation for being asked to leave the party. Pretty sure this guy won’t be asked to attend any other parties any time soon either.

If anyone knows the perpetrator personally, please let us know how he’s doing.

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Chris Lipczynski

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    Assholes like this give philly a bad name. ALSO the barbary kind of attracts this sort of behavior.

  • James Viola

    Wow he immediately got the shit kicked out of him

  • Joshua

    just thought id let you guys know i’m doing fine

  • Rspeed7racer

    id like to see this video

  • summer’s eve

    trail of douche tears- here he is:

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