Joke Summer School Trailer

Good lord, this looks to be the craziest thing to come out of Philadelphia since Larry Mendte (or Alicia Lane, whatever is funnier to you). Joke Summer School is a new (online?) show created by Space 1026 contributors, Ted Passon, Thom Lessner, Jason Hsu, Crystal Kovacs and Andrew Jeffrey Wright and, for lack of a better phrase, it looks friggin’ fantastic.

We hear local comedians/awesome people taking part in the show include: Doogie Horner, Carolyn Busa, Sidney Gantt, Jay Purdy, Malwina, Emily Rose Patz, Rahfee, Richie Roxas and Laris Kreslins.

I’m not sure what the plot is but I’m damn sure I don’t care.

Joke Summer School Promo from All Ages on Vimeo.

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