New “I’m Getting Arrested” App Released for OWS Protesters

Don’t you just love when technology and civil unrest come together? A new app has just been released for Android titled, I’m Getting Arrested. Providing users with a huge target button they can click once officers start after them for occupying whatever corner of the country they may inhabit, the app will send a preloaded text message to whatever contacts you choose beforehand be it lawyers, family members or friends.

While the there’s clearly a long, analytical essay on the geopolitical importance of smart phones somewhere in this story, I’m just glad we won’t have to listen to  people in Youtube videos screaming to some poor protester at the bottom of a police pile, “TELL US YOUR NAME!”

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Chris Lipczynski

A graduate of Temple University, Chris Lipczynski continually spreads himself too thin, endeavoring in documentary films, “computer music,” first-person shooters, and manly hikes through the wilderness. Follow him on Twitter for daily musings and meaningless philosophical reflections: @RealChrisFlip.

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  • Seriously?

    Your biased and poorly written work is why I am no longer following aroundphilly. You haven’t provided a well researched or unbiased reporting of anything pertaining to OWS, a movement that is now global. And I don’t come to this post as a privileged college student that feels the need to take part in cultural zeitgeist but rather as someone in possession of two Masters with years of professional experience and yet is still struggling to find a job that offers the pay that compliments my education – so please spare me some pedantic bull about students who are there with no agenda. Matter of fact, I could have shared many reasons why OWS is so important and shaken down the agenda for you had you interviewed me. Alas, you couldn’t find anyone with a strong voice amongst the urine and patchouli. 

    I don’t think you have thoughtfully written about this since its beginning, not even when you were at the site. I have been there and at Wall Street and saw something significantly different than you. 

    It would be entirely different if you were clever in your blogging but you’re not. Oh and by the way, you should perhaps lock your equally unfunny twitter account if you want ANYONE to take what you write as an unbiased account  

  • Chris Flip

    I usually wouldn’t respond to comments here but I feel I have to in this case…

    I think you’d be mistaken if you feel I am “writing off” these demonstrations. While my own political opinions don’t really belong on the site, I do have an obligation to share what I saw down at City Hall. If you’ll notice, I make special mention that my sampling probably didn’t reflect the rest of the crowd. But this is not Reuters, this is a local blog. More to the point, were I to seek out anyone, be it informed or not, I would then be evincing a bias albeit in your favor.

    I want you to know- not the public- that I FULLY empathize with those who, having gone to college and put in the work is takes to succeed, are unable to find a job due to economic factors outside of their control. But if we’re to reward or fully support mere frustration without direction, empathy without a plan for change, then we’d just be fooling ourselves.

    If you want real change you need clear goals and the means to attain them. If anything, I was trying to help the demonstrators by pointing out how groups like Fox News and others may pounce on how the group APPEARS. Take for instance this post I made today:

    I make no claims into who these people actually are and I don’t wish to belittle their suffering in the slightest. I also take issue with your claim that I haven’t provided any “unbiased reporting.” Please, direct me towards one instance of bias so that I can correct my poor wording or mistaken meaning.

    While some of my “jokes” may be construed as offensive or dismissive, I assure you that I have no political bias and that, if anything, I only want to help the protesters reach real and positive political change.

    I would certainly agree to interviewing you at any time, in person, by phone or through email. Please contact me at to chat further.

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