“Killadelphia” Drug Dealer Convicted

If you’ve seen the startling documentary “Killadelphia,” you are probably familiar with Alex “Reds” Rivera. The alleged Kensington kingpin, who “housed” farm animals that definitely weren’t meant to dissemble a cockfighting ring, became somewhat well known after the documentary aired. And now it seems the police have noticed him as well.

The alleged drug dealer was arrested earlier this year along with his wife and mother-in-law. On Monday, he was convicted on drug trafficking charges. Facing mandatory life in prison, Rivera’s sentencing is scheduled for February 2012. I guess I can stop using the word “alleged” now.

Although a drug dealer getting convicted in Philadelphia is about as news-worthy as spotting pair of white Airforces on Comly, Rivera’s appearance in the documentary provides an eye-opening look into the often shocking reality that is North Philly crime. But in between the various arrests, interrogations and near-riots depicted in the film are some hilarious exchanges between the BBC reporter, Louis Theroux, and hardened Philly street toughs.

Take for instance when Rivera shows off his stable of wild farm animals, stating that he “… let’s them graze” in an abandoned lot filled with tires, old roof shingles and other farm food staples.

To top it off, the reporter travails some of the worst parts of Philly all while wearing a bulletproof vest and looking like he may poop his corduroys at any moment. Yes, it’s pretty clear that North Philly might as well be downtown Baghdad for Louis and the rest of the outside world; I’m just not sure if that makes me proud or disgusted to have lived there.

View Rivera’s interview below and be sure to watch the entire documentary on YouTube.

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  • dimwhit

    Poop his corduroys? Unlikely, the man has spent plenty of time filming in jails, prisons, townships and much worse.
    Purely the health and safety generation.

  • fvrghfdcsfg

    People from less violent parts of the world are often pretty shocked by the level of endemic violence in major US cities. So you can mock filmmakers for treating the place like it’s dangerous or you can look at why your rates of violent crime are so much higher than the rest of the developed world. Where I live, there is some crime, and there are a few places I would think twice about walking around late at night, but in many years of walking the streets of major European cities on my own at night I’ve never been so much as mugged, and gun crime is sufficiently rare that I’m likely to go my whole life without ever having one pointed at me. We don’t have drug lords openly giving TV interviews and boasting about how they rule the roost. Urban America looks like another world, and a pretty unpleasant one.

  • Andrew

    I was just re-watching this documentary and googled him to see where he was now. Thanks for the update.

    I agree with the commenter above. Every city has its problems and there are places in Dublin, where I live, that I would avoid because there’s a slim possibility somebody might try to steal my phone… but drug kingpins controlling an area with impunity (albeit temporary impunity), armed drug dealers on corners and regular shootings in the street?

    I honestly wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen documentaries about it. Feel bad for the people who have to live in the middle of all of this.

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