Philly Traffic Court Judge Fails Traffic Test

Christine Solomon has every reason look forward to 2012. After all, she’s been named Philadelphia’s newest Traffic Court Judge, filling the open position left by her predecessor who was inundated with allegations of ticket fixing and all sorts of miscellaneous charges of corruption.

But Solomon has one pesky problem before she takes office: She needs to pass her traffic test.

CBS 3 reports that the would-be judge recently failed her obligatory traffic test, which is meant to ensure officials have, you know, basic knowledge of the simplistic laws they’re meant to uphold.

Thankfully, Christine will have the chance to take the test again later this month and, assuming her lame parents don’t totally freak when they see her interim grade for Gym, she’ll be able to hop into the driver’s seat of the most hated court in all the land.

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Chris Lipczynski

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  • MightSuetheCity

    She is one stupid bitch! Even if your innocent and proove your case, she makes you guilty anyway! Philadelphia traffic court is a big rip off!

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