New Jersey Assemblyman Calls Eagles “Gaybirds,” Quickly Recants

The playoffs can bring out the worst in die-hard fans. Ok, for Philly, the regular season and preseason can turn even the most mild-mannered fan into a rage-filled aggressor.

But you’d expect more from a New Jersey state assemblyman, well, as long as that assemblyman isn’t Charles Mainor.

Mainor is currently playing the apology game for (gay) bashing the Eagles in recent a Facebook post. Will politicians ever learn to stay off Facebook?

In true Giants-fan etiquette, he broadcasted this little zinger on his Facebook page:

“We are not going to just lay down, we come to play. Who the hell do you think we are the DALLAS COWGIRLS OR THOSE GAYBIRDS FROM PHILLY . . . NO WE ARE THE NEW YORK GIANTS.”

While Mainor claimed a “friend” placed the “gaybirds” bit into the post, the assemblyman soon apologized for the colorful language, stating that, “”I have very, very close relatives who are gay. I have nothing against them. I’m far from that.”


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  • JW

    In reference to the phrase “true Giants-fan etiquette”, I can only ask if that’s a joke? When the staff writers of a publication based in and about a city whose sports fans are widely considered to be the most classless in our country, I find that criticism of NY Giants fans the equivalent of shooting a gun in a glass house.

    Unlike Philadelphia fans, sports personalities, and professional players, the vast majority of NY team fans, personalities, and players are not concerned with venomous attacks on their rivals at such irrelevant junctures. For example, you may recall Jimmy Rollins felt it necessary to bring up the Mets during the Phillies World Series parade. This is typical Philly – too haunted by its own inferiority complex to simply enjoy their success, however rare that occasion may be.

    Do you hear the Yankees or Giants mention any other teams during their championship celebrations, save maybe giving credit to the opposition whom they defeated? No. And why is that? Because their culture is about winning and being the best period…not about simply being better than their arch-rival. Giants fans aren’t thinking about the Eagles right now, we’re too busy rooting our team on for a potential Super Bowl appearance.

    I will give Philly one thing…they’re consistent – bitter when they lose and bitter even when they win.

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