Police Ignore $1,200 Prank on Pizza Rustica

Super Bowl Sunday is a hectic day if you own a pizza place. Unfortunately for Pizza Rustica in Northern Liberties, during this year’s insanity, one local prankster decided to phone-in a fake delivery order.

It ended up costing the restaurant over $1200.

The call came in with a blocked number, but when owner Frank Maimone later contacted Verizon to identify the culprit, he was told that he needed a police report before they could release any phone records.

So, Frank filed a police report and was assigned an investigator from East Detectives. But Maimone says investigators shrugged off his case, telling him that the costly prank “wasn’t worth following.”

“A detective said they wouldn’t bother with it, because it was under $2,000,” Maimone told Philly.com. Not content with his answer, Maimone kept calling the detective’s office, which then proceeded to give him even more excuses, saying that the subpoena cost was too high and that, even if they found the number, they couldn’t be sure who made the call.

But Maimone isn’t buying it (neither are we), as Verizon and other phone companies routinely hand over phone records for a small fee, which Maimone said he would happily pay.

“I don’t want anyone in jail. But if I knew who stole the $1,200, maybe I could get it back in civil court.”

Maimone is justifiably pissed at the police’s response, and the investigation (or lack thereof) surrounding his case is startling, though, it’s not really surprising for anyone who’s ever had to deal Philly detectives (I’ll spare you my own anecdote, which is similar).

A now-bitter Maimone is trying to get his case its due attention, but he also seems pretty fed up with Philly cops, “I live and work in the city. My wife and I are raising our kids here. We’re the kind of people the city always says it needs more of. But the one time I need the police, they blow me off. I love this city. But this could be the thing that makes me leave.”

For the love of good pizza, please don’t.

Source and photos : Philly.com

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  • Eminem

    Poor Rustica the police wont help- me WAHHH!!!!!! Common sense would dictate that Rustica should have  A) Not accept a large order from a blocked number.  B)  Take credit card information for orders over $100.00 Mr Frank got caught slipping and now wants the overburdened Philly PD to pay for his mistake. Frank you come off as a whiny hipster that feels he is entitled to more service than the average Philadelphia citizen, because you live /work in No Libs and “totally know a dude that writes a blog.” The police were right by ignoring this case. You did not do your job and made too much pizza, sorry. You should leave if your feelings were hurt, your pizza kinda sucks and its overpriced. Plus your incompetent hipster drivers were always ridiculously late when i used to order out. Move and hopefully a better pizza place will rise from your ashes.          

  • PFloyd1223
  • Becky B

    I can’t believe he hires hipsters. So Gross.

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