XFINITY Live’s Dress Code Unintentionally Excludes Entire City

The humongous ad and shopping megatron known as Xfinity Live will be opening at the end of this month to cover up the bones of our beloved Spectrum and send our pregame expenses to an all-time high. While some may gripe that Philly’s new “Comcast District” is a change for the worse, I’ve never been one to bad mouth a solid monopoly.

But there is one thing that’s bugging me. According to Xfinity Live‘s info page, the new adult ball-pit/fun zone extravaganza, future home to an NBC Sports Arena, Broad Street Bullies Pub and a 700-square-foot Mitchell & Ness, will have a dress code- a rather strict dress code.

After perusing the rules, it’s fairly obvious to see that whoever came up with them is either not from Philadelphia or just screwing with us, because they’ve pretty much managed to exclude our entire city, or at least, anyone who would ever bring their escort/significant other to Xfinity Live for pregame jalapeno poppers.

Here are the rules for all you loin-clothed heathens:

- NO profanity on clothing

- NO sleeveless shirts on men

- NO excessively torn clothing

- NO excessively baggy or sagging clothing

- NO  full sweat suits and sweatpants

- NO exposed undergarments on men

- NO excessively long clothing (when standing upright with arms at your side, shirt cannot extend beyond fingers)

Management reserves the right to refuse admission to or eject any person whose conduct is deemed to be disorderly or who fails to comply with the terms of entry. Please note that the dress code of individual venues may vary.

Wow, talk about alienating your base. I doubt that the ordained corporate gods who will rule Xfinity’s domain could even enforce these standards on their own employees, let alone the endless and massive herds of drunken Eagles fans.

Still, the parking is free, so someone is going to compromise here. We’ll see who caves on March 30th, when Xfinity opens and the barbarians are let through the gate.


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Chris Lipczynski

A graduate of Temple University, Chris Lipczynski continually spreads himself too thin, endeavoring in documentary films, “computer music,” first-person shooters, and manly hikes through the wilderness. Follow him on Twitter for daily musings and meaningless philosophical reflections: @RealChrisFlip.

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  • Kevin R. Consolo

    Chris realize that dress codes are in place at most venues to bring people up to a level and bring respect and dignity to the person and place at the same time. Would you act the same way in sweat suits or pants as you do in a suit? No. People like you that find a way to complain just about everything should not write commentary. So we should continue to project an image as Philadelphia already has?

    I DJ in many place all over the City and suburbs. This past Sat a guy had no Sleeves on and managed to get in probably because he had a jacket on and we couldn’t see the shirt. He was told to put the jacket on or he had to go because he needed to have sleeves. Period. He wore the jacket and drank!

  • guest

    You must have a dress code in philly.  i have lived here for 30 years and no one wants to see some dudes ass hanging out or some slob in sweat pants.  If you are dressed in a fun sports fan way i am sure the bar will not mind.  these are common rules for any bar.

    - NO profanity on clothing
    - NO sleeveless shirts on men- NO excessively torn clothing- NO excessively baggy or sagging clothing- NO  full sweat suits and sweatpants- NO exposed undergarments on men- NO excessively long clothing (when standing upright with arms at your side, shirt cannot extend beyond fingers)

  • ZManPhilly

    Is anyone else concerned that once this place is open they will try to put the kybosh on tailgating in the parking lot? I have not heard anything; just a sneaking suspicion that the vendors who are paying rent here will try to apply pressure to push business their way,

  • HouseofFunkhausers

    I’m all for it.

  • Mgoldsmi

    There actually will be a parking fee during game times (and I believe a certain amount of time before a game). Parking is only free when there are no events at all. 

  • t-equal

    Why is it fair to ask men to not wear sleeves shirts … but women can.  As a woman I love to wear my tank tops and sun dresses – but it doesn’t seem to be equal. Please know that a man in a tank top is usually very unattractive to me, but in the spirit of equality … i think this rule is unfair.

  • Whatdaff

     I don’t think that is the policy at Patriot Place at Gillette Stadium, which is a similar premise.  Besides, McFadden’s manages to kill it for Phillies games, and the weather is actually nice during baseball season.

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