Watch: John Featherman’s Soft-Core Political Ad

Republican John Featherman is gunning for Pennsylvania’s First U.S. Congressional District this year, a position currently held by Democrat Bob Brady. Even though he’s running unopposed in the primary, Featherman clearly wants to grab your attention using any means possible, including late-night Cinemax tactics.

Featherman recently released this unusual political ad featuring a naked, former (way former) Miss Philadelphia and, by our count, it marks the first ever, soft-core political ad in history. Ok, it’s probably just the first ever from a republican.

Featherman (boy, that name takes on a whole new meaning given this context) commented on the ad to, stating, “We wanted to give people the bare facts—no pun intended. We wanted people to know what it was like to live in the first Congressional district, one of the poorest Congressional districts in the nation where people can’t even afford the clothes on their back.”

Mission accomplished?

Chris Lipczynski

A graduate of Temple University, Chris Lipczynski continually spreads himself too thin, endeavoring in documentary films, “computer music,” first-person shooters, and manly hikes through the wilderness. Follow him on Twitter for daily musings and meaningless philosophical reflections: @RealChrisFlip.

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  • John Featherman

    Chris, this is only the start of monthly videos we’ll be producing about Bob Brady and his 14 years of failure in the 1st Congressional District. The ad may be soft-core, but our political execution is very hard-core! Come visit me at Best — John Featherman

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