Meat Justice: Three-Year “Steak-umm” War Finally Ends

And now for today’s cheesesteak news (shhh, everyone west of Pittsburgh will think this is a real thing).

Unbeknownst to the liberal cheesesteak media, the frozen steak company Steak-umms and the local cheesesteak chain Steak ‘Em Up were in embroiled in a vicious, three-year lawsuit over the use of the “steak em’” moniker, which is apparently crucial to each company’s success.

In 2009, Steak-umms (presumably the first thing owners said when brainstorming a name) sued the owners of Steak ‘Em Up for trademark infringement, claiming that the Philly chain was unjustly profitting off of Steak-umm’s established reputation for amazingly delicious, frozen steaks.

To the delight of locals, news came this week that Steak ‘Em Up has won their long-fought battle to retain their name. Throughout the trial, Steak ‘Em Up’s owner, Michael Lane, maintained that his restaurant’s name was based on South Philly’s “gangster culture,” and Judge Lawrence Stengel was inclined to agree.

Unfortunately, Lane will still have to pay his legal costs, as the judge denied his request to have Steak-umms pay his lawyer fees.

Photo via A. ALVAREZ

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  • Fractal Circus

    Yo that place is around the corner from where we used to live. It’s pretty awesome seeing them in action when they’re busy.

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